Cons of Internet Dating: Cost, Honesty, and Stigma are Downsides of Dating Online

Internet dating is a wonderful way to meet someone new. More singles are using the Internet as a way to find their perfect match than ever before. But like anything in life, online dating does have its downfalls.

Here are just some of the “cons” of Internet dating.

Cost of Internet Dating

While Internet dating is still much cheaper than many other types of singles activities, there still is a cost involved. For those on a tight budget, it may be difficult to pay out a fee when you have other obligations to account for.

Some daters may be uncertain about committing to a longer term membership, and choose a month by month plan instead. This type of membership will actually cost more in the long run, because dating sites typically offer specials for purchasing a three or six month membership.

Honesty in Online Profiles

There is a common misconception that Internet dating is filled with mistaken identity and people lying on their profiles. For the most part, Internet daters are honest about their physical, financial, and emotional attributes. But every once in a while people do fabricate the truth a bit.

However, someone listing their weight as slightly less than the reality is a far different thing than complete dishonesty. Many of the fears Internet daters deal with include people who post pictures of someone other than themselves, and this simply isn’t true.

Internet Dating Takes Time

The characteristics of Internet dating make it seem as if daters can fill out search criteria and have their perfect mate delivered right to their inbox. However, like any means of introduction, Internet dating is simply a way to meet someone new. That means daters still need to do the hard work of getting to know their love interest to determine if he or she is right for them.

Finding the right one doesn’t happen overnight. Daters typically need anywhere from six months to a year to meet at least one special person they can share a connection with.

Stigma to Meeting Someone Online

Even today, with so many people meeting their special someone online, there are still those individuals who think Internet dating is for freaks and weirdos. Often, the people most critical are the ones who have never done Internet dating at all. Still, if an Internet dater has a friend who insists on making fun of the fact that he or she is online, it may make the experience unpleasant.

Online Dating Safety

The allure of emailing an online match is that you get to know him or her a bit before meeting them in person. Or so Internet daters are led to believe. The problem with sending emails ahead of an actual face-to-face meeting is that it gives daters a false sense of security. Even though there is correspondence, the two singles involved do not know each other.

Internet dating has many positive aspects and still remains a wonderful way to meet someone new. However, singles need to be cautious anytime they meet someone new. Rather than jumping in blindly, daters should be aware of the cons involved.