Cheap Date Ideas For Men and Women: Inexpensive Ways to Have a Good Time With Your Significant Other

Saving money can put a damper on dates or relationships, and men and women have some differing ideas about what constitutes a cheap, fun date. Both Cosmopolitan and have come up with a top-ten list of inexpensive dates to take a significant other on.

Cooking for Love

One thing that men and women agree on is home cooking. Both magazines agreed on the number one cheap date: cooking a meal at home. In a January issue of Cosmopolitan, Victoria P. Lowe suggests that women get restaurant recipes from or to recreate an elegant meal. In a Top Ten article on, Matt Forsman tells men to watch Rachael Ray for cooking tips.

Forsman also advises that a picnic date can be a woman-pleaser, complete with wine, bread, and fresh fruit. In addition to a fancy home cooked meal, Lowe also suggest a taco night with music for a festive and fun date.

Another date men and women actually agree on is a brunch date. Both lists included brunch as an inexpensive but fun idea. Lowe says, “breakfast is usually cheaper than dinner,” which is an excellent reason to give brunch a try. The women’s magazine continues with the brunch idea saying that a matinee movie could make a good follow-up activity.

Trying New Date Ideas

For a non-food date, Forsman offers up the idea of visiting an art gallery for a cultural experience, or visiting a farmers’ market for a day of browsing. Females are given the idea of going to a casino with $20 in change for a fun, inexpensive date that could even include free cocktails.

Forsman goes on to suggest going on a date at a winery or house party for free, or almost free alcohol and using any restaurant connections to score free or cheap, nice meals. Lowe also uses the cheap alcohol angle for the women by suggesting dinner at a bar during happy hour; drink/appetizer specials along with an intimate bar stool setting make this date a winner.

Athletic Dates

Outdoor or athletic dates can also be cheap but fun and both lists include several opportunities for inexpensive athletic fun. The Cosmo list includes sledding and ice-skating. includes hiking or bike riding for exercise and fun.

To keep things fun and light, women are encouraged to have a game night with their men, or take them to a karaoke bar for musical fun. Or for a sexy time, Lowe suggests teaching each other different video games and making sexy wagers before playing.

When you’re dating and trying to save money, try cooking at home, finding cheap food and drink, getting physical with an outdoor date, or staying indoors to entertain your significant other.