Breaking the Ice: A Shy Girls Guide to Picking Up Men

Ok ladies, it is summer time and the pool parties, BBQ’s and weddings are in full swing. You’ve been invited to a friend’s party and are dreading every minute of it because you won’t know anyone, and you’re much too shy to start a conversation with a total stranger. But don’t worry because we have some great tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help you land that special guy!

There are many ways to break the ice but if you’re a bit shy, you might not want to try anything too outrageous. That’s why we’ve come up with some easy, non-embarrassing ways to approach a stranger.

Parties and clubs (basically any social setting) are the easiest places to start practicing. If you feel asocial then you could try one of free chat lines that help you meet new guys through the phone. It’d feel almost as realistic as meeting in person. Below you’ll find some great ideas to break the ice so go ahead and make a move!

Ice Breaking Ideas

  1. Introduce Yourself. The first thing you should do is to introduce yourself to the person. “Hi. I’m Judy; I don’t believe we’ve met.” Remember this isn’t a personal ad. If you’re tempted to say “I like long walks on the beach and love listening to jazz,” please step away from the boy, return to your house and log onto your local online dating website.
  2. Make a comment. If you’re uncomfortable asking a direct question you can make a statement about your surroundings. For example: “This is a great party, I love this music.” Whether they agree or disagree with you, this can be a great conversation starter and might even open up a chance to show your fun loving personality.
  3. Give the person a sincere compliment. “Great shirt, where’d you get it?” This will not only start a conversation however will show the person you are interested in them, as compliments are a great flirting technique.
  4. You can offer to get HIM a drink. “I’m getting a drink, can I get you one?” This works to break the ice because you are starting the conversation by making them an offer. If the person is interested they may say yes or will offer to come with you to get the drink.
  5. Be direct. Ask them if you can join them for a drink. They’ll get the hint fast that you dig them.

His answer to any of these questions can lead to a great conversation so use your imagination when thinking of ways to break the ice. Remember to always keep a smile on your face and just remember to be yourself and have fun. Practice makes perfect so go on and chat up everyone that crosses your path.