Body Language and Dating

You’ve had a crush on that hottie for months now and you finally got your friend to set you up. Tonight is your first date and you want to make a good first impression. After all, the goal of date #1 is to make it to date #2, right?

It wouldn’t hurt to brush up on a little body language 101 for good luck. That way, you can be sure not to send him (her) the wrong signals and you will be able to tell how you’re doing just by watching his body signals. Just don’t get so wrapped up in analyzing all the winkin’, blinkin’, and nods, that you forget to pay attention to the actual conversation.

Body Language Starting With the Smile

Your date is going to smile immediately when you first meet up for the evening (tip: if your date doesn’t smile at the beginning of your date, then you won’t need the rest of this article to help you interpret their body language….she is unfriendly, crabby and would rather be somewhere else)!

The easiest way to determine if a smile is sincere is to observe his eyes when he smiles. The muscles around his eyes should participate and they will tighten a little if his smile is genuine. If she is smiling just to be polite, then the top half of her face won’t change much (or she could be genuinely smiling but, um….botox). Either way, let her off the hook if she doesn’t smile with her entire face when she first meets you, she could be a little nervous, or she needs to wait until later in the date to decide whether she likes you or not. Seems fair….but in most cases, the smile makes a good gauge to return to often during your date to check your progress.

Body Language: How to know if your Date is into You

Here are some indications that both men and women use to indicate physical attraction.

  • Closing the personal space between you: Leaning toward someone when they are speaking suggests they are really interested in what you are saying. If they mimic your actions, for instance, bringing their hand to their chin similar to what you’re doing….also good.
  • Laughing at everything you are saying: (of course that could just be the three martini’s).
  • Light touching: When making a comment, laughing or replying; if your date touches you lightly just for a second on the arm, hand….or someplace respectful, give yourself an A.

Body Language: How to know if She is Into You

Some sources (my husband) say that women talk more than men. If that’s true (of course it is….) then it makes sense that women use more body language than men do. Here are a couple extra signs that she is enjoying your company.

  • Playing with her hair: Some women with long hair just abuse this beacon to death. If you know that it’s an unmistakable indication that she really likes you, it probably won’t bother you so much when she twirls and plays with her hair all night long.

The position of her shoulders: If she is facing toward you, that’s good. If she’s facing away from you, that’s bad. If she’s facing away from you, unsmiling and leaning back in her chair… “CHECK PLEASE!.”